Let's get started!

STEP ONE - FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION - Let's chat a little bit about your needs and projects.   We can determine if I am the right fit for what services you require.

STEP TWO - IN-HOME CONSULTATION - Let's look at the space together and determine a strategy.  I have some options to explore if we want to make lists of priorities or complete a needs assessment.  Or, you may know exactly what you want and we can get right to it.  For this consult, I will be charging my hourly rate (see pricing page).

If we agree that we should move forward, I will provide a Service Agreement, stressing the confidentiality I promise as well as a basic outline of what the work will include.  This document can address time frame, cost, expectations, etc.

STEP THREE - Let's get to work!  Most of the work will require us to be together.  However, if there are clear guidelines and directives, I may be able to finish organizing once we have decluttered or sorted.  When we finish - we can celebrate a job well done!